CPAK Conference 2016

CPAK 2016 Banner

I will be speaking at the CPAK 2016 conference this year, held September 30th through October 2nd at the Westin Resort in Rancho Mirage, California. CPAK is a conference dedicated to ancient cultures, mythology, astronomy, and history. The Conference topics tend to look at historical anomalies (i.e. the Antikythera Device  or the Baghdad Batteries controversy), discusses ancient cosmology (including myth and astronomy and possible knowledge of the precession of the equinoxes before Hipparchus), the dating of archeological finds (i.e. Robert Schoch’s theory of the Great Sphinx), archaeoastronomy, and other such topics.

My presentation will be on The Mythic Canon: How Oral People’s Created Civilization. I will briefly discuss the nature of human intelligence and the epistemological divide between oral and literate peoples. I will also explain how the oral memory theater works, and how oral peoples layer their memories using cosmology, myths, rituals, and sacred space as reinforcements of one another. The knowledge they pass on deals with the central tenants of their culture and may include cultural, theological, cosmological, and technological precepts.

While there are a variety of approaches at the conference, there is some very good work being done here. Also, people familiar with Graham Hancock, Robert Bavaul, Walter Cruttenden, and Robert Schoch will enjoy this conference. Of course, it’s being held at the Westin Resort, which is absolutely beautiful. It should be a very fun conference.

Admittedly, my presentation will be academically based, but it will reorient our thoughts about prehistory and our own assumptions about human consciousness in the hoary past.