Welcome to Cosmos and Logos: Journal of Myth, Religion, and Folklore.

Myth and folklore studies are in serious decline and academic religious writings have suffered from hyperbolic jargon.  Cosmos and Logos seeks to be a serious, plain-written platform for reinvigorating seminal ideas of our cultural heritage.  This journal is dedicated to what unites the human race – our sacred stories, rituals, creative imaginations, and religious cosmo-visions.

In the modern world the study of myth and religion has been undertaken by several different academic fields: religious studies, psychology, anthropology, archeology, linguistics, literature, creative writing, and the arts.  Each approach has underlying assumptions about what mythic constructs are, how they are formed, and how they are used.  Many of these assumptions may be complimentary or antonymous to each other.

This journal embraces multiple viewpoints.  No one theory of myth or religious studies is espoused.  Our founding purpose is to publish academic work focused on studying the subject in its many forms unattached to dogma, departmental influences, or political correctness.  Each article is peer reviewed for the efficacy of its argumentation and presentation rather than its ideological content.  We will allow readers to assess the latter.

Cosmos and Logos is published annually.  In each edition there is always something interesting and new.