Journal : August 2015

Volume 1, August 2015

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Table of Contents

  • Soul Bird, Cover Image by Lisa Brinkman (iv)

  • Introduction (vi)

  • Resurrection and the Feminine Divine (1)

    By John Knight Lundwall, PhD —This paper tracks the influence of the Mother Goddess from prehistoric times to the Christian era. Unlike other essays of the Goddess, this paper focuses on the heaven-earth relationships within the Goddess symbolism with special attention to the liturgical mysteries of Egypt, Greece, and early Christianity. The diminishment of the Goddess in modern religion is a product of complex, historical processes.

  • Mary and the Midwives (30)

  • A Mother’s Love (31)

    By Lynde Mott—“Mary and the Midwives” and “A Mother’s Love” are two modern artistic portrayals of the divine feminine.

  • Mythic Threads: Art, Healing, and Magic in Bali (33)

    By Pam Bjork, PhD — Pam weaves connections through her passion for global cultures, love of the arts, story, and image. A former award-winning restaurateur, she holds a BFA in textile design from the University of Kansas, and an MA and PhD in Mythological Studies from Pacifica Graduate Institute. She exhibits her photography and textile collection in tandem with invited lectures to accompany the exhibitions.

  • Poets Lie: Ovid as Bodhi-Trickster in The Metamorphosis (49)

    By Anita Doyle—The Roman poet Ovid was a master of his craft and an incomparable storyteller. His role as a de-mythologizer and an entertaining slayer of sacred cows is also recognized and it is a role he exhibits nowhere more explicitly than in The Metamorphoses. The present essay examines the possibility that the narrative structure of that poem as a whole reveals a deep insight on Ovid’s part into the nature of mind and reality that may underlie the poet’s compulsion to topple the gods from their thrones.

  • Tolkien and Buddhist Influences: Thoughts and Perspectives (60)

    By Brad Eden, PhD—Dr. Eden explores the unusual connections between Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings and Buddhism. While Christian imagery is normally addressed in Tolkien’s work, Dr. Eden suggests that Tolkien himself was influenced by Eastern philosophy and imparted some of this wisdom within his famous text.

  • Anatomy of a Buddha (75)

  • Buddha Ganesh (78)

    By Lisa Brinkman—Stylized portrayals of the Buddha in multi-medium art.

  • Music of the Gods and Noah and His Amazing Ark (80)

    By Rev. Lynn Hubbard—These short reflections are an attempt to demonstrate the poetic nature of religious propositions. They will briefly examine the relationship between religion and language and suggest an aesthetic alternative to the tyranny of religious fundamentalism.

  • Medusa Madness (92)

    Janet Bubar Rich, PhD—This paper explores the ancient Greek gorgon Medusa and her impact on pop culture. In a quest to grasp who she is and her meaning for us today, it investigates how she weaves her way into the psyches of such luminaries as fashion-designer Versace and singer superstar Sir Elton John. A case is made that Medusa, the snake-haired gorgon from ancient Greece, lives on in our culture as she permeates our everyday lives.

  • Alchemy’s Lunar Light (104)

    Susan Paidhrin, PhD—Since the eighteenth-century, the solar spotlight has taken the form of scientific materialism, while the more intuitive ways of knowing have fallen into the lunar light. Alchemy is one such lunar system of consciousness. This essay outlines some of Alchemy’s contours showing its differences from the dominant paradigm’s linear and abstract view with an eye towards creating a model that brings a new synthesis of both.

  • Woman Dreaming (125)

  • One Way to Ride (126)

  • The Message (127)

  • Basket of Eggs (129)

    By Libby Hoagland—Mythological paintings exploring themes of myth, self, and soul through modern art.

  • Flicker: Personal Reflections (130)

    By Libby Hoagland—An autobiographical reflection of art and life.

  • Author Biographies (136)